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The ushers are the spiritual ambassadors for the church – God’s ordained and organized body of believers.  The usher serves as a “first representative” of Jesus Christ for a worship service.  Though we thoroughly enjoy the creative edge of our worship services, make no mistake, this is a holy event where God is meeting with His people.

The ushers are a huge force in setting the tone for worship and helping to prepare the people to hear and respond to the Word of God.

Church ushers constitute a very vital group of workers. They form the first set of people that others come in contact with, when they come to church. Their duties are of a more general nature and bother on ensuring that church programmes are organised and conducted in a most orderly manner.

Ushers also maintain church financial records (in conjunction with the finance committee).They are the workers that can be called upon at any time by both the ministers and other church members for assignments and assistance.

Who Can Serve as an Usher?

Not just anyone can be an usher.  In the same way that not just anyone can sing in the choir, work in children’s ministry or lead a small group.  The right gifts, passion, and ability make a big difference.

Do you want to be an Usher?  Why not, if you understand and possess the following:

  • The vital role of the usher ministry.
  • You enjoy and care about people.
  • You possess a servant’s heart.
  • You are committed to the vision of the church.
  • You are supportive of the leadership of the church.

Main duties:

  1. Ensuring that the church auditorium and alter are properly arranged for meetings
  2. Taking and recording attendance at church programmes.
  3. Distribution of Hymnbooks and other materials for church programmes.
  4. Collection, counting and recording of offerings and other financial & material
  5. Collections during services for onward passage to the finance committee.
  6. Assisting in maintaining orderliness during programmes by attending to enquiries by other members and visitors to church, proper sitting arrangements, and also taking appropriate steps to control any disorderly conducts during church meetings.
  7. The Ushers regularly keep in touch with the ministers at the Alter, in order to
  8. attend to any assignments from the ministers. Only the ushers, in most cases, are allowed to get to the Alter during meetings.
  9. Any other responsibilities that may be assigned to them by the ministers.

Why don’t come along and be a servant in the house of our Father and you will be richly blessed in many ways.

Co-ordinator: Toye Adeola


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