HOPEM Church Building Appeal

Dear Friend,


Habitation of Praise Ministries has been searching for a building to buy for the past four years in the Essex area of Greater London. We have now found a suitable building which will be used for the work of God serving as our worship / meeting place as well as serving the community in the training of the young upcoming leaders of tomorrow.

We have been informed by the owners of the building that an offer of £480,000 has been accepted by the owner, this can be referred as a snip considering the potential of the building as well as the current situation of the property as well as the huge demand for places suitable for worship activities.

Clearly from the activities that will be carried out in the building, it is good value for money and we have enough business to keep the building in optimal use and to generate enough resources to run and finish the payment for the building in a short time.

We are reaching out to you in the capacity of a friend of our church or as a Co-Labourer in the Vineyard of the Lord to join us as we build for the Lord. Hence our Appeal for your support. We urgently need a sum of £120,000 (A hundred and Twenty Thousand Pounds) and we believe that as you support us with the substance that the Lord has graciously given to you, the acquisition of this building would materialise in Jesus name. It will usher in your own signs and wonders with great blessings all the days of your life in the name of Jesus.

You can send a cheque in the name of Habitation of Praise Ministries, to our correspondence address – or transfer money to our Barclays Bank account number xxxxxx with sort code – xx-xx-xx.

If you are outside the UK, please use our paypal account (also available to UK residents)

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